Hello to all the tattooed girls!


I know i haven’t been posting very regularly, exams are to blame.

But i thought I’d share with you guys a magazine that I learned about when i first got my tattoo.

It’s Japanese (and nope, i can’t read a word of it) but i absolutely LOVE this magazine. The magazine is called ‘Tattoo Girls’. It’s basically a magazine that takes photos of girl’s tattoos on the street and asks them about their tattoos etc. I love the magazine because it’s full of a wide range of tattoos.

And we all know one good method to coming up with a tattoo is seeing what is out there and to get some inspiration :)

I recently bought the ‘overseas’ edition, meaning it was all about tattoos in LA, NY and London!

Here are a few scans (i apologize for the bad quality)

  1. Isatou writes

    Where abouts did you find this magazine? It’s bloody amazing ! I’m in the UK, do you know if they sell them here? Great post.

  2. sharonaaa writes

    love itspecially, J* Davey’s tattoos

  3. this wheel's on fire writes

    i love this!

  4. Agnes writes

    Where did you get the magazine from? i would like to get my hands on some issues! do you know if they have a website?love your site, so much inspiration!

  5. kaitlyn writes

    i used to work with the two girls on the cover. jasmine & nicole @ wasteland, melrose. they're both actually at the burbank wasteland now.

  6. White Rabbit writes

    I would also like to know if anyone knows if they have a website and can you buy or order these magazines overseas??I found this magazine from Hong Kong last year when I was on holiday there and since then I've tried to find more copies of this mag with no results :(

  7. waldo writes

    i love this magazine too! i have several, but DAMN they are expensive bc of the importing fee. i buy each one at around $15-20 US, where i live. i don't know how much they'll come out to be in other countries. it's quality though. if you're traveling to japan anytime soon, you should be able to find this at a bookstore, maybe not so much at grocery or convenience stores, so check out bookstores first. FYI their publisher is Kabushiki Gaisha Futabasha. they are sold on amazon.co.jp and you can find every issue here: http://www.futabasha.co.jp/booksdb/book/bookfind/?type=g&c;=50000&word;=タトゥガールズOtherwise, locate your local Japanese book store (look for a Japanese grocery store if you can't find a bookstore, because the community tends to know about eachother's businesses) If you're feeling especially ambitious, you can copy and paste the original japanese title タトゥガールズ and see if you can't get a hit or two.hope this helps! people think i'm crazy when i buy mags for 20 dollars a pop so i'm always happy to help out other people who like this magazine!

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