Taylor Momsen


Star tattoo on her left ribs.

There has been a lot of bad talk about this, since she’s only 15.
But in my opinion, i think it’s great that she is who she is, and she’s true to herself. If a tattooed smoking girl at the age of 15 is who she is, then so be it. Can’t change yourself to fit what other people want you to be.

  1. Maryn writes

    I love you blog. And I love tattoo’s as well! x

  2. Isatou writes

    Naridyard, you should post your tattoos ! [I remember you mentioning that you have some?] Love to see them? -Rae. x

  3. ravenskar writes

    wow, i love this blog! i just stumbled upon it — and now it shall be bookmarked. :)by the way, i wasn't sure where to put this, but i JUST discovered that taylor momsen has another tattoo on the side of her wrist.you can see it here: http://taylor-momsen.net/pictures/displayimage.php?album=337&pos;=32click on the picture to see the high resolution version, and you'll be able to see a row of four x's or crosses on the side of her left wrist! :) i think it's cute. very subtle.

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