okay guys,
I’ve been sent these two pictures by a reader hoping to get a tattoo. What they want to know is which position of the key do you prefer. Do you prefer the one on the left, or the one on the right?

  1. Just Another Blogger writes

    I like the left… It looks as if the two are intentionally related…Good luck with it, it looks amazing already!

  2. ravenskar writes

    yeah, definitely left. they're just more congruent– two horizontal lines. righthand side looks a bit clumsy to me.

  3. PAIGE... writes

    left for sure!

  4. Mila writes

    I'd say left, it matches better with the already existing tattoo :)

  5. Stella Morris writes

    I like the right one, i don't think it looks wrong at all, I like how the key mimics the line of her spine and it looks more prominent this way. It would also be cool if it was positioned above the "Don't look back", vertically down her neck.

  6. Alice D. Millionaire writes

    nah, see, the right balances it more and goes with the flow of the body and spine, therefore would be easier for the artist to produce quality results. not that he/she wouldn't one the horizontal one, just it's really important to consider the flow of the design in relation to the position on the body. so, i LOVE the design all around, either way, but if it were my back, i'd place it vertically.alice d.

  7. sarah @ design me daily writes

    I agree with the last two posts, vertical is the way to go! It definitely has a better balance.

  8. RW writes


  9. satellites-of writes

    Right, it just seems, w/ and w/o the pre-existing tattoo, more aesthetically pleasing. Or at least to me.

  10. Andrea writes

    LEFT definitely :) such a beautiful tattoo!

  11. BARGAIN BEX writes

    initially i thought left. now i think right. yes. right. right is definitely the right choice.

  12. SyntheticElegance writes

    I agree with stella, the right one. I would look more beautifully down along the spine

  13. Hannah writes

    I prefer the left design, it goes much better with the writing. Without the writing I would say the right though, it is nice how it matches with the spine. Go with your gut feeling, though… either could look great!

  14. L0 writes

    The key on RIGHT!

  15. suinile writes

    Left. Lovely tattoo.

  16. Jung writes

    the right one for sure.the left one looks too predictable.

  17. Jasmin writes

    left one!

  18. Lisa writes

    left for sure.

  19. Emma writes

    the right for sure, it follows the line of her body better x

  20. Malvina writes


  21. Maria writes

    Definitely left! :)

  22. dawnkey writes

    Right for sure

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