Saturday Randoms.


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Currently suffering from a bad creativity block at the moment, and it’s eating me up. I’m not sure what’s worse, the block, or the frustration over the fact that I can’t seem to make up my mind about something as simple as a name.

  1. Brixx writes

    The first one is amazing!And the second one is a bit scary…who wants to be a death eater?

  2. shanni writes

    wow the feather looks amazing!

  3. shanni writes

    brixx it looks like a friendship tattooso it's probably something that connects between them

  4. leah mancl writes

    the top picture is my friend jenn's. ;)

  5. MissMoi writes

    Second one should be ''Déjà entendu''…

  6. Felicia writes

    God that death eater tattoo is awesome :D

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