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  1. Tabitha B writes

    I love necks! I really want one a bit lower down, pretty much where Angelina's "Know Your Rights" tattoo is….do you have any more pics of people with one there?

  2. Jill. writes

    I agree with Tabitha!I want "Beautiful Memories' on my neck but my mom isn't really happy about it

  3. Jasmine writes

    yea, i want one too, but the problem with me is more with the fact that I am going to work in an office, and i think it might make me look not as professional!

  4. Maxi writes

    nunca te rindas.. never give up

  5. I think she's a bitch writes

    Follow you from now on!Keep up going the good work!

  6. andrea maría writes

    ¡Congrats about your blog! Pictures are really carefully selected and tatoo`s images make you think beyond.Here, a follower. acido-acetico

  7. freckledknees writes

    ooo <3 the second one. such perfect placement

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