Wednesday Randoms


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  1. Lisa writes

    Love love love your blog ♥

  2. Jill. writes

    oooh the first one is sooo cute!

  3. tashacleary writes

    Absolutely adore your blog! I've wanted a tattoo for so long, but can never settle on something I want for definite. I could sit here for hours looking through all these posts for inspiration!

  4. viivi writes

    I just found your blog and it´s so cool! You like exactly the same kind of tattoos that I do.In the old posts there are some photobucket logos instead of pictures, so is it possible to fix it? can´t get enough of looking these pictures. :)thank you!

  5. shanni writes

    the first one is <3!!

  6. Jordan Pilling writes

    Deer, leather, birds & messy hair. BEST POST EVER!

  7. Natalia writes

    What does the second one say?This blog has been so inspirational in helping me decide what it is that I want in a tattoo!

  8. Nanna og Agnes writes

    gorgeous pics as always. love, love, love. don't u got any pics with peacock feathers? that would be awesome!

  9. emm writes

    the flying bird is so lovely! i've been thinking of getting two birds for a while (my friends now know exactly what i mean when i say "my birds")and this has definitely given me fresh ideas, thank-you!

  10. Nicollette writes

    the first tattoo is superb, love the motion.

  11. Rchliey writes

    nice bird

  12. ólöf writes

    I love the birds and the deer. Oh this is so pretty. So pretty.I love your blog..just spotted it recently but it's really inspiring and just so so pretty. Ah. I'm glad I found this:) Thank you for sharing.Have you checked out the tattoo artist Liam Sparkes? he's friend went to see him..he made: like his animal drawings, thought you might like it since here is a lot of animal things:) pretty things:)..anyway..thanks for sharing nice pictures

  13. aimee_not_amy writes

    I am thinking of getting something similar to the birds one, except with white ink! I'm also in love with finger tattoos, so thanks for putting one up!!

  14. modern viking vixen writes

    the first one is so pretty <

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