The sweetest thing.


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  1. Paula writes

    Oh, adorable!

  2. Lara - Elain writes

    OMG! This is so sweet, it´s killing me :)

  3. May writes

    oohh her name is LOLA, he is brother of a famous vloger from brazil :D LOVE THEM specially lola … you can see Lola at she is so cute

  4. Kristen writes


  5. Yoli writes

    How uttertly disarming. Really tender.

  6. Thai writes

    That is immensly sweet :)

  7. Cintia writes

    aaww…this is the cutest tattoo picture I ever seen!

  8. frenchie writes

    a frenchie and a cute tattooed guy always make a good pic!

  9. I think she's a bitch writes

    I scream seriously for over 2 years that I want a french bulldog, and after I've seen this pic, I've just got to have one! O! And he's cute too!

  10. maddie writes

    LOLAAAAAAAA!And @betosiqueira <3

  11. Marianna writes

    Aaaawn! Lola is heeeeere!!! she’s so cute

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