Saturday Randoms.


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  1. Mode.Karussell writes

    Wow. bis vor drei sekunden hatte ich nie geplant mir ein tattoo stechen zu lassen. Aber du hast meine Meinung definitiv geändert. Sonst verbinde ich damit immer nur diese massiven Anker auf SeemansOberärmen, oder seit einem halben jahr vielleicht noch diese kitschigen Chanel Armbänder, die auf dem Körper verewigt wurden. Aber deine Art Tattoos auszuwählen gefällt mir so unglaublich gut. Ganz ganz dickes lob also von mir. Verdammt, ich will plötzlich ganz dringend ein Tattoo!

  2. Tanja writes

    translation:wow. until three seconds ago, I've never planned to get a tattoo. but you definitly changed my opinion. apart from that i always connected tattoos with these massive anchors on sailer's upper arms or, since a half year, with these trashy chanel braclets that are eternalized on bodies. but i really like your way to choose tattos. so very big compliment from me.damn, suddenly i want a tattoo so much!Mode.Karussell? es ist ein englischer blog, du würdest nicht verstanden werden, wenn du es auf deutsch schreibst ;)

  3. Love at First Blush writes

    I love tattoos in unexpected places. It's like a tiny hidden

  4. Minna writes

    The palm is cool!Does anyone know: can a sole be tattooed?

  5. Perezosa writes

    @MinnaI am pretty sure it can. I once read an interview with tattoo artist and he was asked what had been the weirdest tattoo someone wanted. And he answered that some guy wanted his name and birtday tattooed on his sole, in case of Amnesia or something like that.

  6. Chloe writes

    LOVE that first one. What a unique

  7. germangreeneyedmonster writes

    On "London Ink" someone once asked for a tattoo on the sole and they refused doing it so I'm not sure it is a good idea and that there are reasons against it.

  8. Nyrha writes

    Love them all, but second one is my fav

  9. hannah marie writes

    Almost no decent tattoo artist will tattoo palms or soles (unless under very specific circumstance). The skin is nearly impossible to stretch properly, with the ink pulling out quickly and what ink doesn't pull out usually ends up blowing out resulting in huge blurry and faded lines. So that's just probably one of the photoshop tattoos that show up on here from time to time.

  10. Jill. writes

    I really love the second and third one!So cute,bird-tattoos are

  11. Minna writes

    thank you all for the information!

  12. Celia writes

    I also discovered the little bow one a while ago and thinking about getting it done. It's so beautiful and subtle!

  13. Part Anonymus writes

    I can just use hours, going through this blog! i love it! seeing all the differnt tattoos people have, and get insparation! i Especially love this one! (The one with the birds, and the Lighting behind the ear) When i get old enough (and if i have the balls to do it, haha) i will deffently, think about getting either one of them (; thank you so much for this blog! happy i found it

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