Tuesday Randoms.


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  1. Julia Carina writes

    i absolutely ADORE the first one!

  2. p.strange writes

    Love the "love" one!

  3. puderfee writes

    Omg the 1st one! <3

  4. fashion.gossipmk writes

    My friend on blog also have the second tatto on her hand :)

  5. ondoyer writes

    I LOVE YOUUUUUU FOR THIS!!! i saw the 1st one in "fuck yeah tattoos" like few months ago and then i tried to find it later but didint have any luck and had already give up hope and now you posted that in here!! yayy, you totally made my day!! <3

  6. ondoyer writes

    (oh and i ment the 2nd one, not the 1st :-))

  7. meri writes

    your blog is lovely, and you seem to be pretty sensitive kinda guy ! love-tattoos everywhere ;) i plain love the last one.

  8. Cpt Pownzor writes

    the love tattoo is so nice!

  9. cla-sib writes

    oh really love your blog!xx claudia

  10. noora writes

    do you think "if you don't live for something, you'll die for nothing" tattoo is common/unoriginal?

  11. Mette writes

    I'm confused; what does the diamond thing mean? – the last one? Anyone, please? :)

  12. J ♥ writes

    really love this… 1 year, when im 18 i will be marching down to my local parlour and getting a bird on my ribs and a feather on my wrist haha!This is an excellent blog, nice one :-)Now following you…xhttp://glitterbomber.blogspot.com/

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