Sunday Randoms.


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  1. Ronja Ryövärintyttö writes

    kenzas.sesecond picture!!!

  2. DEA writes

    first pic is beauty!xxxx

  3. Elisabeth ja Heidi writes

    i love the place of the first tatttooo <3

  4. Enrica writes

    davveoru un bel blog!mi piace

  5. meri writes

    1 is gorgeous (depending on what it says there…)

  6. -Oasis Child- writes

    I just stumbled upon your blog and it's very inspiring. I knew there had to be another side to tattoos other than your typical skull, fairy, star, zombie, and butterfly =)

  7. Jenny writes

    I'm getting my second tattoo..and this blog is totally inspiring!

  8. Malena writes

    can anyone tell what the first one says? i really like it

  9. Lexi writes

    First says:May God have mercy on our dirty little hearts

  10. Jenna writes

    i love the placing of the first tattoo. i dont care about what it says but i love it that the writing is tiny and the placing <3 ps. im going to get an eagle on my forearm. cant wait!!! :pjenna/

  11. Cooper John writes

    that first one is stunning but what does it say?

  12. Sarao writes

    Does anybody know what is the font of first one?

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