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  1. Alex Ingram writes

    I love these fonts especially the last onetuxandtie.blogspot.com | twitter.com/tuxandtie

  2. Emily Dickson writes

    love the first one.

  3. Blond Panther & Louboutin... writes

    love the first one too ;))http://blondpantheretlouboutin.blogspot.com/2010/12/ma-mere-ou-lart-de-se-meler-de-ce-qui.html#links

  4. Jill. writes

    the special k-one made me smile :)

  5. carina writes

    love it !!!xxxxhttp://anexceptiontomyrule.blogspot.com/

  6. HeavierThanHeaven writes

    I love the font on the last one!

  7. Cintia writes

    the second one looks amazing!

  8. NicholasGourlay writes

    The first one is a great quote. One that I could almost always need to read everyday.

  9. Charlie and Kathryn writes

    A model has the same words as the first one, her name is Freya? Something like that I think. I love the first quote.And the font is soo pretty :)

  10. emm writes

    it's freja beha ericsen i think, although my spelling is probably a little dodgydoes anyone know what the third one says?

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