1. olvan writes

    Love the second one

  2. Sara writes

    Nice! Is the first one with other color ink?

  3. jennsi. writes

    oh i can see a rise against tattoo :) nice nice!

  4. AP23 writes

    the turquoise ink is quite something.♥ ♥ ♥http://www.apartmenttwentythree.blogspot.com

  5. maicen writes

    I have a tattoo in the very same turquoise, love that colour! And I love this blog.

  6. girlsandqueens writes

    turquoise ink tattoo looks great, but would look even nicer on tanned skin. still great inspiration!

  7. Eva writes

    I really like the simple shapes one..I feel like it fits an artist-type.http://thatsjustmybag.onsugar.com/

  8. carina writes

    i love the first one!!!xxxxhttp://anexceptiontomyrule.blogspot.com/

  9. Denia writes

    The turquoise shade is HOT! Totally stands out.http://fdressing.blogspot.com

  10. Anna Mårtensson writes

    I want to see harry potter tattoos! :D

  11. ILLA K writes

    "negaraku" means "my country" in indonesian. Kind of feeling like a proud Indo child that you put it up on here, thank you :)

  12. NicholasGourlay writes

    The wrist is the best and most visible spot (for onesself) to have a good literary tatt. I have both wrists covered with words that apply to my everyday life. I love them.

  13. Lisa writes

    oh hey, the third girl is me :O

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