Sunday Randoms.


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  1. Cla-u-dia writes

    second one's brilliant

  2. Lenu writes

    I love the first one. I want to get something similar but with bats instead of birds.

  3. mrsblastfmr writes

    What is the last one??

  4. RX-SZ writes

    Second one is wicked!

  5. R. writes

    i don't understand the meaning of the last one… :\

  6. Suzanne writes

    The last one is the Joy Divison logo.

  7. shannanj writes


  8. Enya writes

    last two are amazing (:

  9. La petite reveuse writes

    love the first one, i'd love to have something similar!

  10. Nyrha writes

    two last are my favs! Last one is

  11. AP23 writes

    the second one looks liek its telling a story♥ ♥ ♥APARTMENT 23

  12. Fanny writes

    Love the moons! Plz update!/ Fanny

  13. Aniek writes

    love the first one! And I'm your new follower on bloglovin' ;)

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