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  1. AP23 writes

    I like all this planet-ness going on lately. dunno why. but it's nice.♠ ♠ ♠ APARTMENT 23

  2. Sarah Dee writes

    I think it would be horrible to get a tattoo of the planets and then find out they don't consider Pluto a planet anymore… what do you do then?<3

  3. Nyrha writes

    Love them all! Planets are stunnigxx

  4. Lena writes

    damn i love the third!

  5. Pink Flower writes

    Great ink, I have parts of my back tattoo'd so I love the inspiration.

  6. Ipa writes

    Love the planet one!

  7. Bella-Luna writes

    The planets are awesome!

  8. Celia writes

    Wow, I had the same thought as Sara. That's funny!

  9. Jacqueson writes

    zomg im getting a planet tattoo nowish

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