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  1. Hanna writes

    Anyone out there who knows if a tattoo can fade away/vanish after a time, if it is placed at the same place as on picture 2? I would love to have a tattoo there, but a friend to me told me that the tattoo is goin to “fade away” after a while. Is it true?! Please answer me! =))

  2. em writes

    It will fade. I have one on the outside of the foot, and it has faded as the colors will be worn off due to usage of shoes… But it’s still worth doing it!

  3. fine writes

    my tattooer would never place a tattoo over such deep creases, cause it won’t look good after time.
    It will never disappear, but the color can fade slightly, depending on how well it’s done.

  4. Tove writes

    Hey Hannaa!
    Yes, that’s true! Because of it’s low placement your shoes will always rub it and therefore it fades. I was also planing on having my tattoo there but my tattoo-artist (she’s the best!) said that it’s a really crappy place and you will have to refill OFTEN if you want it to look good. So I chose to do it where the number 3 is and I must say I’m loving it cause it’s visible even when you have sneakers on! =) So I really advice you to think if it’s worth refilling all the time or if you could find another place for it! Goood Luck! :D

  5. Hanna writes

    Thank you so much for the answers! Now I just need to figure out a new place, hm, this ain’t easy…

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