Thursday Randoms.


source: Plimplim, unknown, unknown

  1. i writes

    love the last tattoo

  2. enya writes

    GOSSHHH these tattoos are always so fucking inspiring! beautifulll

  3. maggie writes

    omg i love all these tattoos
    the first one is gorgeous and the last one is the best surprise you can ever give your mom.
    thanks for sharing this!!

  4. Linnea writes

    The feather was interesting and subtle

  5. annalisa writes

    the first picture is so inspiring!
    so glad i found this blog!


  6. Sara writes

    I do not know what it says on the first tattoo?

  7. Natalia writes

    I just want to say, that the first tatoo is mine!! I put it on, I guess that´s where u found it. =)
    This pic is also the title of my blog:
    thanks 4sharing it!

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