source: unknown

  1. Olivia writes

    love the font one the second one =)

  2. Stephany writes

    The first one is originally from http://birgithebjorndal.blogg.no :)

  3. Oriola Ninon writes

    The second one would be a super creative way to propose if your girlfriend was a tattoo artist or something…


  4. Sara writes

    I like the first one a lot…

  5. dh writes

    not really a fan of where the first one is positioned…especially with what it says lol

  6. bee writes

    love the marry me one !

  7. ANTONIA writes

    marry me? YES / NO / MAYBE :D

  8. Sam H. writes

    the second one is cute, I can just imagine a whole story around it :)
    ♠ ♠ ♠


  9. Meg writes

    hahahaha marry me?
    That’s so funny, I love it!


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