1. Meg writes

    You ave to see the brand new heart on the arm of a friend of mine.. It’s stunning!


  2. Greta writes

    I love the first tattoo!! keep doin what you do, you’re a BIG inspiration!

  3. Lou writes

    I love all the hearts!

    I actually got one myself in this year in january with a little inspiration from this blog. So thank you for a great blog :)



  4. maicen writes

    Lovely post! I have this heart on my finger: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maicen/5056836218/ and I absolutely heart it!

    You have a great blog, and Rodeo is very intersting.

  5. Linnea writes

    Looove it!

  6. Chrissy writes

    Lovely tattoos! Love the second one!! xxx

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