Tuesday Randoms.


  1. Martina writes

    Oh, I love the Harry Potter one!

  2. Cássia Pérez writes

    the first one is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool *-*
    i tought about getting one like these a while a go..

  3. tora writes

    hi! love your site. its a great inspiration really. -i was wondering if you could post some pictures of nice individual on-spine-tatoos. it would be great also if there were shots of the whole tatoos :) you see i found one on your site (looked through all of the pages here, on rodeo, your posts) but i didnt see how they had ended it, by the bottom :)
    also, i was wondering if you could give me some inspiration on individual and special beutiful places to make tatoos. im out of ideas :)

    thanks so much for this blog!

  4. Meg writes

    I love it!
    What about the tattoo of the skull-man that posed for mugler?


  5. Marley writes

    This is the source for the map tattoo:


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