source: Juha, Lou, Marilyne

  1. moi writes

    I like the paper plane :) btw do you still answer questions on formspring?

  2. adrienne writes

    What means the first tattoo.? ;)

  3. Isabell writes

    The first one means: Free like a bird :)

  4. henkan writes

    @adrienne ‘Free as a bird’

  5. Ofelia writes

    free as a bird ;D

  6. sanna writes

    the first tattoo means “free as a bird”

  7. Thia writes

    @adrienne: Free as a bird :)

  8. adrienne writes

    Thanks ;)
    i like it .!

  9. gabriela writes

    could someone please tell me the font of the first one? :)

  10. Max writes

    I prefer the third tattoo :)

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