source: Carl, Sandra Larsson, Malin

  1. Line writes

    Hey you (:
    I really love your blog!!
    I have a question about a tattoo i really want.. It should be a sentence on my right wrist on 3-4 words, but i really can’t decide what I should write, do you have some good ideas? It should be some words about life, I was thinking about “live by heart” or “life is beautiful”, but if you have some great ideas, it would really help me!!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Johannes writes

    Really nice piano!

  3. Erik writes

    I like the piano a LOT!

  4. moi writes

    I don’t like skull tattoos that much but omg this one’s amazingly cool :D

  5. Malin writes

    Sending a link to my blog, forgot about that.

  6. Louise writes

    Whoa I love the last one! I really want one like that. I also like the one on the 2nd picture!

  7. Malin writes

    THank you for all your kind words. THe skull tattoo was made in Frankfurt. Love the piano by the way.

  8. ellinor writes

    amazing skull tattoo!

  9. Jú Fuscaldi Rebouças writes

    Does anyone know wich font was used in the second one?

  10. Sandra writes

    The second one is my tattoo and I found the font at, Jane Austen Font :) I just made some small changes by myself.

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