source: gvjg, Sâmia. V.B.F, Signemaria

  1. Eli Terese writes

    I love the second one, what does it mean? if anything.

  2. volchok writes

    what’s the meaning of the 2nd tattoo?

  3. Elin writes

    I love rib tattoos. I’m in the search for a Swedish quote or word to write on my ribs.
    I do not want anything to long, like “Ingen kan vara nere med en ballong” (nobody can be down with a balloon). But I can’t decide if it is to lame.
    I wanted to know if you have any good suggestions for me.

    Thanks for having such an awesome blog!

  4. samoa writes

    the second one, it’s called xun. http://www.yijing.nl/i_ching/trigrams/5-xun.htm
    but reminds me of a castle too. ;)

  5. Anička writes

    What is the first one?

  6. Oswaldo writes

    the meaning of the first one is the yin yang, but i opened it and it turned out to be the sea and the sun together in one.

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