source: Janni (Denmark)

(It is not a fake Chanel tattoo, although it is inspired by it)

  1. Louise writes

    Can somebody tell me what kind of bird that is? I want a bird tattoo on the inside of my arm, but i want it to tell a story (like a colibri, because it stands for being independent and it’s the only bird that can fly backwards), but I also want it to be beautiful and a colibri isn’t that elegant… So do you know what bird this is?

  2. Janni writes

    Hi, this is a swallow. You Can read what it stands for here: http://www.vanishingtattoo.com/tattoos_designs_symbols_swallow.htm

  3. Marine writes

    That’s one of Chanel’s fake tattoo design!!!
    And it’s a swallow.

  4. tattoologist writes to Marine

    It’s not a fake tattoo, it’s inspired by a Chanel fake tattoo but it’s a real version. It is also larger than the fake tattoo and has slightly different details.

  5. Marine writes

    Sorry I didn’t mean to say it was a fake tattoo but that it was one of the design.

  6. tattoologist writes to Marine

    not to worry, I had to double check myself when I received the submission to make sure it wasn’t. Just wanted to make it clear :)

  7. Marine writes

    ok :-)
    I’m in the middle of my chanel inspired swallow on the ribs and I’ve worked on it a lot to change things andmake it bigger and a bit different in shape as well so I kind of have an eye for them now ;-) I was very much surprised to see this picture as I never saw a real tattoo chanel inspired

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