Ribs/Sides.  - 


Photo on 2011-07-20 at 12.29



source: Liisa, (Seinäjoki, Finland), Ellie C  (London), Emy S (Umeå, Sweden)

Arms.  - 


source: Emma F, Lisa (Sweden), Thérèse (Stockholm, Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Louise (Skelleftea, Sweden)  - 


“No heartbreaking story, just pure love!
Art by Brian M Viveros, tattooed by Brent McKenzie.”

Tattoologist: Something a little different from what I normally post.

Tattoo Submission: L (Stockholm)  - 

Bild 2011-10-25 kl. 10.57 #4

The idea just came to me right befor i went to sleep. i don’t know what it stands for. maybe the the subconscious