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fresh ink


source: Miranda (Newcastle NSW Australia), Marc B (Hamilton ON Canada) ‘Mirror Tattoo “Siempre Te Amare Familia Bueno”. – I will always love you Bueno family.’ Casey (Huntington Beach CA)

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source: Amanda B

Tattoo Submission: Alexia (Londrina)  - 


“It’s a swallow I did about 2 years ago.  I did a few tattoos after it, but it’s still my favourite!”

Tattoo Submission: Ayako (Germany)  - 

White Ice Crystal Tattoo

“Due to the fact that I was a quite good figure skater in my youth, this tattoo is dedicated to the sport I love most, although I had to finish my career because of health reasons few years ago. For me, an ice crystal is also a symbol of uniqueness & reminds me of the transitoriness of nature&life.”

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source: Nathalie (Örebro, Sweden), Uchi R. M (Lima, Peru), Pepis (Milano)