Tattoo Submission: Sandra (Sweden)

My tattoo


I did this tattoo just when I needed those words at most, and I love it.

  1. Chantal writes

    Wow! That is such a beautiful quote!

  2. Mariah writes

    Which font?

  3. Sarah writes

    I agree, so inspiring! What is the font, does anyone know?

  4. Leah writes

    Elsker denne setningen, har tenkt på den til min nye tatovering:)

  5. Chloe writes

    Beautiful! One of the best quotes I have seen on here!

  6. Amanda Arp writes

    I believe this is the Jane Austen font. If not it is very similar.

  7. frida writes

    This tattoo is misspelled!!! haha poor girl, it is suppose to be “okay” not “okey”!! Learn english or look it up before you get it tatted on your arm!! damn

  8. Felicia writes

    I agree with Amanda, I think it is Jane Austen. Thinking about getting a tattoo in that font! So beautiful!

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