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source: Valentine P, Anna M (Malmö), Estelle T

Tattoo Submission: Linn F (Cape Town)  - 


Tattoo Submission: Shelby (Milwaukee)  - 

tat it up

“This is my leopard print shoulder tattoo. I love animal print and decided why not get leopard print.”

Wrists.  - 

Bild 2011-12-09 kl. 19.25 #4


tatoo 002


source: Julia H (Norrköping), Sophia (Dortmund, Germany) ‘”Sophia” – wisdom, ancient Greek”, Katerina (Greece) ‘”k” initial of my husband’s and mine, “δ” initial of our son

Tattoo Submission: Ruth (Virginia)  - 

10-12-2011 9;43;11 PM

“My 4th tattoo. on my right arm.”