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source: Anouk K. (Belgium)


Monday Randoms.  - 

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IMG_3444 - Kopi



source: Madeleine J (åland), Julie (Denmark), Josiane (Montreal)


Tattoo Submission: Ira (Zagreb, Croatia)  - 


My second one, inspired by Banksy’s Girl with the ballon and The National’s song called Anyone’s ghost. It has a personal meaning for me and that’s it :))

Tattoo Submission: Camilla G(Fredericia, Denmark)  - 


motive: two swallows

Tattoologist Interviews.  - 

A year and a half ago I interviewed a top London tattooist and posted it on my blog.  Recently it was published in No Cigar.

Here’s some screen shots:



You can find it here

Tattoologist is on page 58.