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source: Frida (Sweden), Tahsiyn (New York), Elle (Chicago) “Walk by faith, not by sight”

Tattoo Submission: Elina (Båstad, Sweden)  - 


I’ve had a tough childhood and this tattoo helps me to remember even th good times! forever young, in my memories

Tattoo Submission: Ada (Norway)  - 

“Sailors believed that a compass rose tattoo would bring them good luck and ensure that they made it back to shore alive. Considering the rough lives these sailors endured, with unpredictable seas, malnutrition and other hazards, some luck was needed indeed.”
When I’m sailing the roughest seas I need some luck to make it through.

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source: Sofie (Copenhagen) “skinny love”, Luiza (Sao Paulo, Brasil), Susanna (Alingsås)

Tattoo Submission: Mathilda, 20, Sweden  - 


It means “thanks to you I breath again” and comes from a song I like. Originally it’s on french in the song too.

But I made this tattoo because it is love to me. To me it means that there is someone out there who help us up when we have fallen into that deep dark hole.