Tattoo Submission: J & C (Auckland)  - 


My bestfriend and I got robots for her bday this year. Mine is an adrenaline molecule turned into a dancing robot, on my right side. Hers is an adorable happy robot named Clive, on her right wrist. Both our own designs, representing our outlooks on life. ūüôā

Wrists.  - 


source: Maja, Frida S (Borlänge), Saskia (Germany)

Tattoo Submission: Amanda (Sk√∂vde)  - 


“The three swallows represent my family, I can watch it and think that I always have them with me. The text stands for how much I love them, I love them with every heartbeat. All my heartbeat are inspired by them .. Without them I would not be me.”

Ribs/Sides.  - 





source: Marianna (Rio de Janeiro), Vilma (Helsinki), Taylor (Australia)