Tattoo Submission: Al V (Chicago)


my tat bitches

My tattoo. Look closely.

  1. Vendela writes

    TELL ME how this is done? Love it!

  2. Helena writes


  3. Fredrika writes

    Soo cool!!!

  4. Moore writes

    omg, I love this!

  5. Madeleine writes


  6. Moa writes

    That is awesome! How do you even do that kind of tattoos?!

  7. Johanna writes

    Wow! So beautiful!

  8. MarĂ­a writes


  9. sabina writes

    first I didn’t see it, but than, wow!

  10. susie klein writes

    That is wonderful!

  11. S writes

    this is amazing!

  12. S-I-T writes

    How is it possible to get a tattoo like that? Like is fading away! So beautiful. Where did you get it? And how could it look like it does? :D

  13. Chloe writes

    Oh this is AMAZING!

  14. Nikki writes

    Not really a fan of white ink, but this is just WOW !!

  15. Felicia writes

    Woah! At first I was like why is there a post with no tattoo? Then I saw it. Very awesome! Does this tattoo react to black light?

  16. Margo writes

    I want this too. it’s amazing!

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