source: Allison (San Francisco) “‘dream by day’ – Italian”, Ida (Copenhagen), Isabelle (Germany) ‘”Self-love and self-respect”-Latin’

  1. Erika writes

    I really liked the font of the last tattoo, does anyone know what it’s called? :)

  2. Joana writes

    what is the font of Ida’s tattoo?

  3. Do writes

    Hi ! Do you know the font for the “Julia&Stina” tattoo???
    It’s georgous

  4. Chloe writes

    All gorgeous tattoos!

  5. Kislen writes

    I’m brazilian and “Amor Proprio” is also Self-love in portuguese

  6. martaOll writes

    Amor proprio is italian..

  7. Bruna writes

    “Amor Proprio” is written in Portuguese!!

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