Tattoo Submission: Linnea R (Köping, Sweden)



Live well Laugh often Love much

  1. serena writes

    like it!
    The tatoo with long text are my favorites!

    watch my blog a byte of fashion

  2. G writes

    It says “Live well Laugh” and then “often Love much”. The spacing between Laugh and often is made too large.
    I guess the thought was to have it: Live well, Laugh often, Love much.
    But you don’t say Love much, either it’s “Love a lot” or “Love as much as something” or much love, like an expression saying love you.
    And often Laugh not Laugh often, that is Swenglish.

    Feel sad for a bad tattoo.

  3. Lena writes

    what is the font used for this tattoo?

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