Tattoo Submission: Sophia (Dortmund)  - 

OmaJonesIch 043

Combination of my passion for cameos and my childhood memories because it’s the silhouette of Snow White. Favorite fairy tale when I was a child. Reminds me of the great days in life.

Tattoo Submission: Constance (London)  - 


An inscription in latin, meaning “eternal light”, as a symbol of continuity and progress.

Monday Randoms.  - 



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source: Camilla G (Fredericia, Denmark), Brittknee (Los Angeles), Luisa (Brazil) “‘mr mojo risin,’ an anagram for Jim Morrison with his handwriting.”

Tattoo Submission: Rebecka (Paris)  - 

Bild 2012-02-26 kl. 20.19 #4

“for dad, adrenaline and me doing whatever the f**k i want”