Tattoo Submission: Abigail (Sydney)  - 


Lower side of back. From Mumford & Son’s song “Awake My Soul.” Translated from French into “Where you invest your life, you invest your life.”

Tiny.  - 


Foto den 18-02-2012 kl. 09



source: Maiara (Criciúma/SC-Brazil), Sebrina (Copenhagen), Maddison (Perth, Australia)

Tattoo Submission: Jennifer (Sweden)  - 


My third tatto right below my elbow.
Beauty and the Beast in French, seeing as it originates from a French fairytale.

Mt blog:

Backs.  - 












































source: Sara (Sweden), Phung (Hochiminh City, Vietnam), Linda P

Tattoo Submission: Evelina (Gävle, Sweden)  - 

120216 (3-2)

My first tattoo, in memory of my dog who passed away. It’s a piece of a text by an unknown author. This tattoo reminds me that she’s still with me in my heart, and in my memories.

Tattoologist: I love this quote.