Tattoo Submission: Paola (Spain)

My tattoo

IMG_4546 - copia

Mi vida,un corazon sin terminar.
My life, a heart without end.

  1. Nancy writes


    i´m from germany and i love your tattoo. can you tell me the meaning of the heart without end? why it´s your life? is your love not “complete”? i hopfe you understand my question. my englisch is not the best ;)

    best wishes


  2. Carina Rosenvinge writes

    I am so completely in love with this one!

  3. Paola writes

    Hi Nancy, is very little English I will try to answer you understand me, I got this tattoo because it means my life, and I closed the heart simply because I think I still have much to live as close to the heart, have yet to come many times in my life.
    I hope to see answered your question

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