Tattoo Submission: Thais, 18, Rio de Janeiro  - 

Sem t

“jane, you were
killed by
knowing too much”
this is my first tattoo, and these are lines from my favorite poem, by bukowski. 🙂

Tattoo Submission: Michelle (Nr. Nissum, Denmark)  - 


a dedication/reminder for all the places I have been and all the places I will come.

Backs.  - 





source: Julie (Denmark), Ronja W (Bollnäs, Gotland), Marlene (Copenhagen)

Tattoo Submission: Michelle (Nr. Nissum, Denmark)  - 


my mom have breastcancer, so I designed this tattoo. A hope for her and me!

Tattoo Submission: Fern (Wellington)  - 

2012-03-07 19.21.13

The hummingbird is related to my travels, it is native to S.America, where I have recently spent 3months, it symbolises peace, love and happiness and accomplishing that which seems impossible. Alis volat propriis means she flies with her own wings, which is symbolic to me as I am travelling alone.
Alis volat propriis