source: Amanda (Kristiansund, Norway), Ulpu (Tuusula, Finland), Elin (Sweden)

  1. Maria writes

    The first one is not correct 100%, it should read “amo a mi familia”. I’m spanish, so I should know, but “amo mi familia”, isn’t incorrect 100% either.

  2. Eliuska Mariel writes

    Debería ser “amo a mi familia” en lugar de “amo mi familia”.

  3. Amanda writes

    Maria. That’s my tattoo and I spoke with a lot of spanish people before I got this. All of them is saying two different things. But I think it’s all depending of how you want to say it. I was told that with an a, it means something like love to my family, and without it means more like I love my family. So it’s all depending on how I would like to say it, and from what spanish speaking country you’re from

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