Tattoo Submission: Catherine (Halifax)

My tattoo


My brother DJ and I were both born on the 28th. He also died on the 28th, at age 18. The number 28 always appears in my life. I got this tattoo exactly a year after he died, to remember him and let him know I still think about him constantly.

  1. Aubrey writes

    I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose my brother so early in life, let alone at all. I love this. Stay strong, he’s definitely your angel now.

  2. Danilla writes

    Wauw. Youre story is amazing. I know your brother will always be with you and i have to say that i love the meaning of your tattoo. That is what all tattoo’s should be like.

  3. Michelle writes

    Wow, I like it. Although the number has a sad meaning, it also has so many good memories. I lost my brother too, and got a tattoo this year. For the same reasons as you did! ‘Happy’ to know I’m not alone

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