Tattoo Submission: Josefine B (Örebro, Sverige)  - 


Mihmet credo is latin and it stands for “I believe in me”. The feather is just a reminder of a period in my life that was very tough, but it got better. It gets easier.

Tattoo Submission: Julia (Strasbourg, France)  - 


My tattoo includes all the letters of my family members, it is in a way the happiness equation for me.

Words.  - 

no matter what

dritta modificata colore caldo



source: Charlie (Aachen, Germany), Francesca (Milan, Italy) ”’Fai della tua vita un capolavoro” make your life a masterpiece’, Sienna B (Tallahassee)

Tattoo Submission: Rachel (Connecticut)  - 


a few years ago, i was going through a rough time with anxiety. my mom’s weekend visits are what got me through it. she brought be sunflowers every time, and this piece lets me have those flowers with me always.

Tattoo Submission: Shirley N (Copenhagen, Denmark)  - 


This tattoo (a electrocardiogram with a heart) is a reminder for me that “love is the essence of life”. I lost faith in love for some time ago and that is why I got it… It’s on the ribcage (the side)