Tattoo Submission: Ana P (Brasil)  - 


The first one is dedicated to my beloved father (who passed away three years ago) and the last one is dedicated to my mom (she´s still alive and I hope she´ll onjoy it for a long long time).

Tattoo Submission: Filippa B  - 


“I had been thinking about doing this tattoo for a long time and when I finally where inspired by my own choice of leaping in to faith, I wanted a symbol that would forever remind me of never be too safe. And what could suit the purpose better than the symbol for hope?”

Arms.  - 






source: Jéssica (Brasilia), Caroline (Sao Paulo), Madeleine (Grängesberg)

Tattoo Submission: Madie (Toronto/Vancouver)  - 

tt 007

Geometric plans of the rose window at Chartres cathedral in France. I got it done to convey the idea that harmony produces beauty.