Tattoo Submission: Emma (Finland)  - 

Ohio 2012 025copy

I live in Finland and two of my best friends lives in the USA. We decided to get matching tattoos so we wouldn’t feel like we are that far away from each other.
Because we are always under the same stars.

Tattoo Submission: Hannah (Jönköping, Sweden)  - 


This is my first tattoo.
it means “without a heart we are only machines”
its from shakespear.
Utan Hjärta är vi bara maskiner

Tattoo Submission: Laura (London)  - 

richard 2.5

In memory of my best friend Richard, I miss you

Arms.  - 





source: Anna (Malmö), Lovisa (Umeå, Sweden) “”No problems/Everything will be alright” in Lao, Lina (The Aland Islands)

Tattoo Submission: D. Ryan Reeb (Los Angeles)  - 

Tattoologist: A very well put together video of the tattoo process.


“I got a tattoo at 1,000 frames per second and created a vfx sequence of ink being distributed under the skin while gettina a train tattoo for my son. “