Tattoo Submission: Franzi (Hamburg, Germany)  - 


It’s 2003 in Roman numbers on the backside of my thigh!
2003 is the birthyear of my two lovely (twin) Sisters <3

Tattoo Submission: Lucy (Montreal)  - 


My second tattoo. It’s my dad’s birthday in roman numerals and then his script ” i love you ” i got this is april after my dad passed away from a two month battle of cancer. His love will always be with me forever. Love you dad

Tattoo Submission: Ragna (Stockholm)  - 


Not all who wander are lost, 4567 the postcode of my 2nd home and love of my life, Noosa Heads

Saturday Randoms.  - 


tattoo 2



source: Daniela (Bali), Anna-Sofie (Denmark), Laurence G (Québec City)