Tattoo Submission: Naiana (Florianópolis/SC)  - 

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Soeus (francês) = irmãs, eu e mais duas primas fizemos a mesma tatuagem mas em locais diferentes.
Non je ne regrette rien (francês) = não me arrepende de nada, porque acredito que nessa vida não existem arrependimentos e sim erros, acertos e aprendizado!
As duas foram feitas no mesmo dia.

Feet.  - 



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Amanda (Los Angeles) “Do something that not everyone has the courage to do, that makes you a strong person. And by following your dreams and dare to take chances, you will find the key to happiness. / A1”

Chelsea (Raleigh, NC) “Saved by grace, Walk by Faith” I had wanted a tat for a long time but waited until I found something that meant a lot to me and that I would not mind to have on my body forever.”

Carson C (New Jersey) “My two best friends and I have this matching tattoo.”


Tattoo Submission: Jaymie (Simi Valley, CA)  - 


A reminder to myself that I have a passion, and I’m willing to chase it until it’s mine.

Tattoo Submission: Manon (Metz, France)  - 


My diamond, my feather skull, my “let it be” … i can’t live without them .
All my loving tattoo