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578928_10150903637931746_1855891011_n hanna 548605_10150863554611746_1892703505_n source: Fiona (Toronto) "A bear to symbolize my sister whom passed away. She was a pastry chef and this was part of her logo for her business and also our last name is chinese means bear." Hanna (Stockholm) "this is my first tattoo, and I got in January of 2012. The feather is not only a symbol of beauty, it also symbolizes "to never let somebody bring you down - be light as a feather"!  It's on my inner upper arm." Fiona (Toronto) "Dandelion, symbolize my sister who passed away last year. She always went after her dreams and did what she wanted to do. While fullfilling her dreams she also touched so many people's hearts."  

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  1. Like them a lot!