Tattoo Submission: Matchbook Monday (Prince Rupert, CA)  - 


Matchbook tattoo, left calf; gray-washed only. Born of a matchbook fetish. ♥

Tattoo Submission: Emeno P (Venice)  - 


a stitching &/ some numbers: for my past, my home, my element.

Wrists.  - 


2012-07-20 18



Pierre (Hamburg) “A black square on my left wrist.  You often get asked what it stands for or what’s underneath because people think you reinked something like an older tat or the name of your ex-gf.  It stands for the term “never change yourself for anyone” ’cause a square is a square – no matter how you turn it.”

Tamara (Santiago, Chile) “This tattoo is for my dogs dead, although they’re not alive they are here somehow…”

Alina (Cologne) “Infinity symbol + Swallow. To remind myself that life always goes on and I’m free to do whatever I want.”


Tattoo Submission: Kiyomi (Los Angeles)  - 


Buddhism has been part of me my entire life, I will always believe in Karma. My tatto means Nam Myho Rengue Kyo written in sanscrit in 1253 by Nicheren Daishonin a buddhist monk.

Tattoo Submission: Ginger (The Netherlands)  - 


Did the flower a month ago, it is a pink lilly and it means more too me then just the official meaning. 2 me it also means strenght and courage. There is also a little flower in blossom, this stands for love that will always grow.