Tattoo Submission: Kelsey (Australia)  - 


Horseshoe. I went through an illness that i felt so lucky i survived and horses have and will always be apart of my life

Tattoo Submission: Sarah (Heidelberg)  - 


This is my “like wind and waves” tattoo on my shoulder.
Why? Because there are some feelings that fill you up, that dig their roots into your skin and never let go. They swell blow you over like wind and waves.

Feet.  - 





Malin (Stockholm) “to be free”

Matilda (Malmö)

Diana (Toronto) “The brighter brightest song lyrics from right for me. Take your own life path if your passionate don’t listen to other people. Shows even if no one supports you go ahead. My motivation for music and to never give up.!”

Tattoo Submission: Hanna (Strängnäs)  - 


these words will help me along the way, in good and in bad times

Tattoo Submission: Emmi (Porvoo, Finland)  - 


The quote is said to be Oscar Wilde (who is absolutely brilliant) but who knows. I’ve been obsessed with the quote for years. As cliché as it sounds, I try to tell myself this message all the time.