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Fiona (Toronto) “A bear to symbolize my sister whom passed away. She was a pastry chef and this was part of her logo for her business and also our last name is chinese means bear.”

Hanna (Stockholm) “this is my first tattoo, and I got in January of 2012. The feather is not only a symbol of beauty, it also symbolizes “to never let somebody bring you down – be light as a feather”!  It’s on my inner upper arm.”

Fiona (Toronto) “Dandelion, symbolize my sister who passed away last year. She always went after her dreams and did what she wanted to do. While fullfilling her dreams she also touched so many people’s hearts.”


Tattoo Submission: Evelina (Tyringe)  - 


My first tattoo, which I got along with my older brother. From the movie “Robin Hood” with Russell Crowe, and it stands for the eternal believing that nothing is impossible and you should never give up.

Tattoo Submission: Roosa (Tampere, Finland)  - 

IMG_0998 copy

“aujourd’hui, elle va être heureuse”, today she’s going to be happy in french.

found it from a finnish book called “totta” (true) by riikka pulkkinen.


Ribs/Sides.  - 


mein tattoo



Becca (Orlando) “Harry Potter quote “Always” . Nerdfighter way of protesting that love can conquer all.”

Nina (Stuttgart) “favourite harry potter quote.  It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Karolina (Linköping, Sweden) “I believe that fear is the only thing that stops us to do things in life.. Enough said. L I V E Y O U R L I F E. No fear”