Becca (Prague, Czech Republic) “I get this tattoo 5 months ago, it´s my first, but not the last tattoo. I got it to remind me, that I can get over everything, what happend in my life, it´s also for my beloved dad (who passed away), and when I look at it, I know, that I will fight with everything what life will bring me.”

Kaisu (Helsinki) “Päivä on nuori (The day is young). A new day is a new chance.”

Erin (NY) “Life is a precious gift that not everyone is given. This tattoo reminds me just how lucky I am to still have my life, my family, my husband and my health. Life is not to be taken for granted. Just got this less than a week ago and it’s my favorite out of the 6 others I have :)  Sunshine in my Soul”