Feet.  - 





Marijose (Saltillo, Mexico) “My second tattoo… 2011, when I decided to quit my job and start my own business, 4 is my favorite number, 4 seagulls meaning the liberty but with the feet in the ground, and my 2 sisters, my brother and me… Iove it… now ready for the third!”

Isabela J (Goiânia, Goias, Brazil) “My first one,got it when I was 16.It means FAMILY in Arabic. It really hurts, but is worth it, I’d do it all over again.I got it to always remember:wherever I go, my family will be with me! And it’s in Arabic cause I have a Lebanese ancestry.Had to contact the Lebanon Embassy to get the it right.”

Jordan (Fort Collins) “It says “one step closer” in Italian. I got it the last day of high school. It’s a bit of a reminder that all I do is getting me closer to that next big step in my life.”


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