Tattoo Submission: Aimilia (Germany)  - 

IMG_8536 Kopie

Faith, Love And Hope. These words mean life to me.

Tattoo Submission: Gustaf (Montpellier)  - 


The way i try to live my life.

Legs/Feet.  - 





Zebban (Solna, Sweden) “I’ve never been into tattoos, but on a trip to NYC I decided to go to Wooster Social Club to get one. As a ultra distance runner, I felt these wings (got one on each ankle) would help me forward :)”

Alena (Stadthagen, Germany) “”be who you want to be, be yourself and live out everything you absolutely want to live.”- gerard way”

Carolina (Guimarães) “This year my city is the European Capital of Culture and one of our local tattoo artist decided that as part of the opening cerimony, he was going to tattoo, for free, the symbol of this event on everyone who wanted to do it.  So I decided that I had to take this chance and did one on my left feet 🙂

Tattoo Submission: James (SLC)  -